We travel for several years with rodeo bareback riders to understand their passion for riding bucking horses.  These cowboys tell us in their own words about the demands they face, their beliefs, attitudes and their lifestyle. They share their stories of camaraderie and explain what drives them to put it all on the line for eight seconds.

    Cowboys have always embodied the spirit of the West through their independent nature.  For many years, their culture and roots have led them to a competitive passion of rodeo and a lifestyle few know about.

    The names of the cities may change along with the names of the horses but the story stays consistent.  Friends see each other along the way and their camaraderie strenghtens the passion they share.  They are always there for each other to offer a helping hand and support .... for that is the spirit of rodeo!

A cowboy doesn't compete at rodeo as much as he lives it.

This is what they do.
This is what they love.
Ride bucking horses.



Tad Perry  .  Rick Bradley  .  Lan LaJeunesse  .  Larry Sandvick
Mark Garrett  .  Marvin Garrett  .  Pete Hawkins  .  Eric Mouton
Deb Greenough  .  Clint Corey  .  Kelly Wardell  .  Dennis Schmidt

.... and Khadafy Skoal

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